Mark 6:7-14

Too many times I hear pleas from the pulpit or other places asking people to step up and help either leading a group, helping with a dinner or just doing a task. All this is good and people do need to step up; the problem comes when the people in charge don’t step aside and let others take over the reins. Jesus knew a little about this when he called the disciples together and told them to go out and heal the sick and chase out the demons. He didn’t go with them or micromanage what they were doing. He trusted them and allowed them to do what God was calling them to do. Whether you are a leader, pastor or just someone in charge, you need to realize people are ready to step up they just need room to get on board.  We all are called to do something for the kingdom no matter how small. We all need to step up and leaders need to allow us to do that. There is plenty of work to do so let’s do it all together. God Loves Ya 😉