Ephesians 5:15–17

Not long ago, I was reminiscing about when I was in school and training to be a truck driver. Yes, I did that! The mentor I had was a very nice guy but he was very comfortable with doing the same thing day after day. We did day trips for 4 weeks to Carlisle and back. Needless to say, that trip got to be pretty routine – load, unload and back again. One day, I suggested we take a different route just to see some different scenery. Of course, my partner had made this trip 1000x or more so he was a little more than reluctant to agree; but, after some coaxing and whining on my part, he eventually gave in and we took a different way the next day. He remarked how nice it was to get out of the same ole’ mundane routine, even if it was just for a day. It wasn’t long until we were venturing out once or twice a week taking “out of the ordinary” directions. My point is, God doesn’t want us to do the same thing over and over getting into a dull routine and just existing in this world. He wants us to get up, get out and get dirty; step out of the boat, go where people need to be served and loved. Make this life an adventure while doing the Lord’s work. Have a blessed day! 🙂

6-1- devo