Revelations 4:11
Did you ever wonder why some people raise their hands during a worship song or a sermon? It isn’t to gain attention or to ask a question (joke); it is a sign of submission, a sign of humbleness. We know through watching TV or even possibly seeing it in person that when there is a weapon pointed at us, we put our hands up in the air; a sign of submission and humbleness. We raise our hands during worship in submission and humbleness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; not out of fear, but out of love, thankfulness and praise. We are supposed to give fully of ourselves to the Lord (Colossians 3:17); when we raise our hands, it makes us seem vulnerable and weak – which in truth, we are! We can’t do this Earth thing alone; we need God’s help, the Holy Spirit’s guidance and most of all – His love. When we are in worship, we are praising and honoring the Lord and I can’t think of any better way to show how much we love Him and adore Him then surrendering ourselves to His will. Try lifting your hands sometime and feel the overwhelming sense of humbleness, submission and thanksgiving. Let us surrender to the one that created everything. God Loves Ya;)

devo 1-29