Matthew 7:1 (NIV)

I recently moved into a new neighborhood. It was a good move and not far from my children, however knew none of my new neighbors. There is one older neighbor lady that has an irritating, gruff voice that goes right through me. Her children and grandchildren visit often and they seem very loud. I found myself judging my new neighbor and thinking she must be uneducated, disrespectful to others and not the type of person I would want around. One afternoon, my neighbor was outside; it was then I introduced myself and we talked. I found out she has a special needs granddaughter that is partially deaf, hence, the loud speaking. I also found out she had a very abusive marriage that did not end well. The lesson that God showed me was a painful one. NEVER judge anyone; you never know what their circumstances are, what life story they have to tell or what they have been through. We now talk daily and I have shared some of my story with her and how Jesus has turned my life around. God is so good, all the time. God put this lady on my path for a lesson and I hope I am a Blessing to her. Have a Blessed day! –  Lori Moore

9-7 devo