1 Corinthians 10:6-13
I love a good thunder or snow storm, but not everyone feels that way; especially the people that have to work outside. The storm could mean a loss of pay, damage to property, or even loss of life. What if we would look at the storms in our lives like we look at weather storms? Most times we know when weather storms are coming (thanks to meteorologists), but sometimes they sneak up on us. Either way we always know deep down that they will not last forever; they will eventually stop and things will get back to normal. We clean up any mess, repair any damage, and sometimes things look better than they did before the storm. Life storms are the same way; they will not last forever they are only temporary. Although we might have some damage and they could be life altering, they will end and good days will come. God will only give to us what we can handle. As the saying goes “He will let us bend but not let us break”. Change your perspectives about storms. Know that God is there, you will persevere, and it will eventually stop and perhaps you will be better off because of it. God loves Ya;)