For the past 7 months, my son and his baby have been staying with me. A broken relationship and wanting a better environment for his son brought him to stay with me. Although, this was a temporary living arrangement, it is now time for him to move out on his own. I know this is what’s best for him and my grandson but with it comes apprehensions as well. As a mom, I will constantly worry if they are ok, mentally as well as emotionally. Single parenting is never easy, and I feel it may be even scarier when you are a dad. He is leaving the security and stability he has had with me out to a whole house and all the responsibilities that comes with that plus juggling, work, fatherhood and whatever else life has in store. I just pray to our Heavenly Father that He protects them both in this new scary journey and gives me the faith to trust Him that He has my precious loves in His caring arms. I thank God every day that He gives me the strength to let go when I need to, knowing we have a God that will be there when I can’t be. Have a blessed day!