When I was a little girl attending Sunday school, my mom’s biggest concern was what I wore. I had to dress to the utmost best for church. I didn’t realize at the time that’s how she was raised and that’s just how it was. You go to church in your “Sunday best”. We can take that in a couple of ways. Some may think when you go to church you want to give your best to God, your full attention, fully focused on what the Pastor is teaching and taking what you’ve learned and sharing that message to others the whole week. Others may take it as, You go to church with a smile on your face, never letting the pain or sorrow you may be in to show or worse yet, letting others believe you have it all together and your life is nothing but perfect! I’m here to let everyone¬†know, God does not want to see our “Sunday best”. He wants to see the real us, whether it’s the broken down us, the confused and lost us or the misguided us. He wants us to know He loves us just as we are. No matter what we are going through in life, that’s what He wants for us to be free to let Him see and let Him in to save us. So, wear whatever is comfortable, let the tears flow if the worship songs hit your heart, raise your hand in praise if that’s what feels good. Reveal to our God what is heavy on your heart. Don’t worry what the person next to you may be silently thinking, God wants us stripped of ourselves in order to let Him in! Have a blessed day and allow God to see the true you!