“Love is when a man wipes your tears, even after you left Him hanging on the cross for your sins”. This saying really hit me and maybe it is because we are in the Easter season; but sometimes a verse or a saying just makes you go “ah-ha”. The love that Jesus has for us is indescribable; a love that very few can understand and I for one have a hard time wrapping my head around it. It is like if I were to spit on someone and then they give me a million dollars and don’t want repayment. This is a pure example of ultimate love. As the saying goes, pure love hung on a tree and I strive for the day I can be like that. For now, I just continue each day to be who Jesus wants me to be. We don’t always get it right, but what an example to follow. After all, isn’t that part of the reason that God became man to begin with? To save us from sin and to teach us how we should act? We should always be learning and that is why we have the life-guide (Bible). Strive to be a person God wants you to be. Show real agape love to all. God Loves Ya 😉