Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a church service at an area nursing facility. My mom is there rehabilitating from a stroke she suffered over a month ago. A little reluctant to join in, (unsure of what to expect), it was one of the most uplifting services I have been to. These folks come to the Lord with weary, broken bodies and some with clouded, confused minds but when it came time to pray and worship, we were all one. Their love and faith for our Lord was amazing. I was very humbled that day, these folks have not had the easiest of lives, some have no families left to visit them, can’t do for themselves much, if at all but, the praise they have for God is totally awesome. I learned a great lesson that day that I will always carry with me, we aren’t always given the life we think we deserve but God will always come through for us no matter what. Thank you to all the parishioners that day for showing me how to love and worship unconditionally. Have a blessed day! 🙂