Living in Pennsylvania, we all know what the winters are like here. Lately, with the record breaking cold snap we just had, it was pretty unbearable to say the least. Just another season in Pa! But when you are actually in the cold, it feels like you will never feel the warmth of the sun again. Sound familiar? When we go through personal seasons of life, the tough times feel like they will never end. We ask ourselves, “When will we see the sun again, how long are we going to be in this rut” and my personal favorite, “what else could go wrong?” Well good news my friend, this too shall pass just like every season in nature. God will only give us what we can handle and trust Him, our struggles will pass. Take them as a learning experience; with every season there is change and know that our God will always show us the sunshine! He is faithful 🙂 Thank you Jesus! Have a blessed day and keep looking for the sun 🙂