Psalm 37:24

As a parent of grown children, I have had to learn not to interfere in their relationships, decisions or parenting. If they need me, they know I am right here. Well, recently the subject came up within my “girl’s lunch date” of how some parents do not know how to let their kids go – to make their own mistakes and hopefully learn from the trials and errors of life. As the chatter was going on, it came to me that God our Heavenly Father does just that. He lets us go so far with our own way, but when we stumble and fall He is right there picking us up and brushing us off. He knows when to let go of us to teach us what we need to know for His glory and His Kingdom. What a mighty Heavenly Father we have. He will never leave our side; but he will let go and let us grow. Thank you Father! Have a blessed day! 🙂