This past week, I received an email from my boss’ boss. When you get this kind of correspondence, you tend to sit up and take notice. The actual message was her apology for not being able to follow through on a request that I made. What was most interesting about the note was how Bishop Linda Adam concluded. “Bryce be blessed as you ride this new and scary wave. You know how to surf!!” First of all, I have never been surfing, but what she shared with me was a tremendous blessing. Friends, obviously most all of us have a new level of concern in regard to health, work, and our overall culture. What Bishop Adams was explaining is that as we go through this most difficult time, we are all surfing, trusting in, and placing our entire weight upon something as we ride into and through the days ahead. She knows that God is what I am trusting in and who I am placing my weight upon. This week I want to encourage you to decide to trust in and place your full weight upon God, the one who can and will carry all of us through these new and scary waves. Do not fear friends, you know how to surf! Stay close to Jesus. – Pastor Bryce