Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Why is money such a delicate topic inside the Church? Friends, I do not think we need to view our faith and our money in a divorced way. If we boil down all our concerns, what I believe is possibly the most delicate idea within the discussion is that some believe God wants to take what we believe we cannot afford to give up. As long as this is our view, there will always be uneasiness in the conversation and certainly our practice of honoring God with our finances. The biblical truth, as is stated in Matthew 6:21, is that God wants our heart not our money, treasures, or stuff. Herein lies the problem: God knows and, if we are honest, we too know that often times, our treasure and stuff has a grip on our hearts, passions and emotions. God does not want to compete for our hearts, and as a result, within His word, He repeatedly comments about surrendering our treasures and stuff to Him. This command from God is not because He wants or needs our stuff, but because He does not want our stuff to be Lord in our life. If our finances, possessions and lives are surrendered to Him, there will be no competition for our hearts, and our lives will honor God in every way, every day. Stay Close to Jesus. – Pastor Bryce