Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 5:1-11

Imagine giving up your home, your car, your big screen TV, your money…everything! Leaving behind your family, friends, job and everything that was familiar to you. This is what the disciples did to follow Jesus. Can you imagine? It must have been hard, but I try to wonder what the disciples were like after that total surrender. Were they at peace? Were they joyful and happy, following Jesus with a childlike excitement and exuberance? What are you holding onto and not surrendering to Jesus? I know it is hard for me to surrender my control. I think I can fix, manage and solve all my problems. Honestly, it’s exhausting!! How I long to surrender that over to Him and be filled with a peace and calmness, knowing and trusting that God’s got my back. At times my mind is so bogged down with planning, thinking, worrying, etc that it takes my time, energy and focus away from following Jesus. Today, choose to surrender that one thing that you’ve been holding back from God. God is good 😉