Growing up I always enjoyed singing. My parents got me into voice lessons and I started singing in school musicals, talent shows, solo competitions, etc. I loved it, but I also loved the attention that it brought. I had always been the shy kid and felt like an ugly duckling. So when my voice got me the attention, I let it go to my head. It was more about doing it for other people and for the recognition. Now as an adult, I am still passionate about music and love singing; but for a different reason. Whether I’m singing to myself in the car or standing up on stage with the worship team at church, I find myself singing for the glory of God. Singing is a way for me to connect with my Savior and to bring glory to Him. It’s not about me, it’s about Him. What gift has God given you that you may take for granted…hospitality, teaching children, leading others, etc? Maybe you don’t know what gift you have. Start your own talent search and dig deep to find the gift that God has so graciously given you. God is good.