John 8:1-11
There is a saying that goes like this, “The longest journey that a man must take is the 18 inches between his head to his heart”.  We can be filled with all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, but if we don’t apply it to our lives, what good is it? Pastor Matt Lake stated, “TEACHING should be to infuse a love of Jesus, and a passion for Jesus, as a way of life in others and ourselves.  It is not so much about mastering rules and laws and programs that we know about and maybe even share, rather, it is about a way of life lived… being taught in the ways of Christ as a way to live, where the head knowledge we receive is implemented in how we live”. Look at it this way, a cerebral digestion must take place first. Next, a response is necessitated. If one has heard the Gospel, God impels us to respond.  It is a long and arduous journey from the mind to the heart. There are many obstacles and challenges along the way. There is no point in hiding from God because he knows us clearer than we can know ourselves. So let us give our hearts and minds to him so that he can sanctify and transform us with his grace to be the salt of the earth. God loves Ya;)

18 inches