1 John 5:4

While I was searching for the perfect scripture to accompany my message today, I was surprised to see how many came to light. All through the Bible we can read testimony about building walls and the huge effect it can have on all of us. I started relating on a personal level of building a wall around myself to feel safe, secure and where nothing can hurt me. Living inside that wall may be comforting at first, but where is life in that? God doesn’t want us to be held captive in any situation, even if we are the cause. We need to break down our walls, get out in this unfriendly world and all its chaos shouting, “we are Children of the Almighty God”. Go with courage, steadfast faith and boldly face our enemies and let the world know We are here and with God’s help we will break down the walls that separate us; good always wins over evil. Praise God in all His glory. We are one nation under God. Break out of your comfort zones and start living your life today with no barriers, no walls and no confinement. Have a blessed day! 🙂