2 Thessalonians 3:5

Years ago, I worked in manufacturing. Operating various machinery that always seemed to break down at the worst times of the shift. We would have to stop production to call the mechanic over and have him fix whatever was wrong. We had this one mechanic that the only tools he ever carried was a hammer and duct tape and it seemed we always got that guy! He would come over, check out the machine that was down and pretty much fix it just long enough for it to run until the end of the shift. Those temporary fixes he was known for eventually got him fired. When we compare our lives to the many times we have “temporary fixed” things only to have them fall apart, cause more damage and end up costing us much more than if we would’ve just fixed it right the first time. This makes me think of our God, He is never a temporary fix, He is steadfast, everlasting and His work is guaranteed. If You have a problem that needs fixin’? You call on God! Have a blessed day! 🙂