What does faith mean to you? It’s something to ponder for sure. Do we have the faith that God wants us to have? We have all become leery at times while having to make big decisions in our lives; especially when it affects our families and not just ourselves. Faith means we aren’t afraid when life gets ugly. We don’t panic or freeze up in times of trouble. Instead, we stand steadfast in trusting our Heavenly Father to see us through. This doesn’t mean we won’t have trials and tribulations. It means when we are faced with them, we know we have a God that loves us, will always be there with us until the end and we will rise up in victory because of Him! Life’s lessons are not always easy or a joyful experience; they in fact can sting like nothing else. But with our everlasting faith in God, we will be ok! We praise You Father through the storms and in the best of days, being thankful for both! Have a Blessed day!