Mark 6:49-52

During a trial in your life, have you ever felt like you weren’t sure if God was still with you or not? Maybe you hadn’t gone to church the last 2 Sundays or you hadn’t read any of his word in over a month or longer? Or maybe you felt like you had recently committed a sin or an act that was so bad there was surely no way He was going to be with you through your storm. Well let me tell you, He is always with you no matter what!!! He will be there right by your side. Sometimes it can be scary because we look at Jesus as a big omnipotent being. But in our struggles and our fears, Jesus climbs right into “the boat” with us. Don’t look at the mess you are in and focus on it. Look for Jesus in your mess and feel Him by your side. Feel His comforting and peaceful presence and allow Him to calm and quiet your fears. God is good 😉