Mark 1:15

When we hear, “share the good news of Jesus Christ”, do we really know what that means? What is the “good news” of Jesus Christ? How can we share it if we do not know what it is?! When we read God’s word and of His promises and what He did for us, that is the “good news”! Because of Him, we are saved, forgiven and have eternal life! Jesus died on that cross to save our sorry, undeserving, and sinful souls. God promises us everlasting life, grace and mercy; all He asks is that we love Him, love each other and believe in Him. I believe Jesus is the son of God. He died and was raised in 3 days and He will come again to judge the living and the dead. So, that my friends, is the “good news” of Jesus Christ in a nut shell. The more we follow Him, the more we find out that there is much more to the good news then we could ever imagine. He lives so we can live! Hallelujah He lives!