Genesis 32:24-31
At the heart of each counterfeit god that we have talked about these last few weeks is that they are all on a throne of lies – nothing real, and nothing true. It is impossible to understand our hearts and our culture if we do not discern and name the counterfeit gods that influence usWhat we need in order to replace idols in us is to have a true encounter with the living Creator – God!  As we read today, Jacob had spent a lifetime pursuing false, counterfeit gods and each time was left empty. As is so often the case with God’s blessing in the Gospel, Jacob was humbled, but also completely fulfilled… all at the same time! It wasn’t until Jacob wrestled with the One True God, and ultimately surrendering to God, that he was ultimately filled with God!  Let us not exchange the truth of God for a lie and worship and serve created things rather than the Creator. (Romans 1:25) God Loves Ya 😉

devo 8-4