Matthew 7:12-14
When you lift something heavy, your muscles must exert tension in the opposite direction of gravity in order to complete the task.  If you lift that weight often enough, your muscles get stronger and that weight becomes easier to handle. When you exercise your body, your body gets stronger. But, how do you achieve a stronger faith?  You exercise it!  You exercise your faith by putting it into action.  Jesus knows that a lot of people will choose the path of least resistance in life.  Folks who just ‘go with the flow’ tend to avoid the complications of being a follower of Christ.  There are many out there that don’t know how wonderful it is to exercise faith in Jesus Christ on a daily basis. I used to have a treadmill – the path of least resistance took me right past it every day.  If I would just have been determined in my heart to get on that thing every day, then eventually my body would have strengthened and I would have been healthier. We must exercise our faith; practice kindness, love, tenderness, and mercy; do things for others; get involved with the church and serve people. Get off that path of least resistance and forge ahead with confidence that anything is possible through Christ. (Matthew 19:26) God Loves Ya;)

Exercising on a treadmill