In church this past Sunday, the pastor gave an illustration with a pair of scissors. What sticks out most about scissors? The handle is generally first. How they feel in your hand. What the style and fit is. They have specialty handles to fit all types of situations and people with unique needs. I just purchased my youngest son a pair of left-handed scissors to have at school, because he said they fit better in his hand being left handed than just using a regular pair. Next, the blades, because scissors are designed to cut things. There are safety blades that will only cut paper. There are crazy sharp and special blades that claim to cut through metal. There are scissors with fancy blades to use in crafting that leave a pattern behind when they cut. Last, but not least, if you ask my kids, the color of the scissors. Even when my son was excited to get left-handed scissors, he was almost more excited to find a black pair with red flames that looked really cool. Yet, there is a super important part of the scissors I never really thought about until the pastor pointed it out at church at the end of the sermon last week. The screw. That little tiny screw holds everything together. That little tiny screw allows the scissors to open, close and cut. Those scissors aren’t effective without that little screw, and who even looks at the screw when buying a pair of scissors? Yet, without that screw, those scissors are useless as scissors. Jesus is that screw. We can’t function as we were *fully intended* to function without Jesus. Just like those scissors need that screw – I need Jesus to hold me together and help me complete my purpose. BY: Ginny Weigle