2 Corinthians 2:15 

Recently, as I walked into a home I was visiting, there was a strong smell of dirty cat litter. I noticed the smell right away and it was horrible, but after a few minutes the smell seemed to go away, or did it? Sometimes that happens within our own homes; we don’t smell anything but when we get visitors, if they are honest, tell us there is an odor. The point is we can get in a situation we know is wrong but after a while we don’t think about it or forget it was wrong in the first place. We get used to the sin and it doesn’t faze us anymore.  If we are focused on God and obey Him, the smell of sin won’t go away and will continue to bother us until we turn away. Stay focused church; don’t get used to the stench of sin. Let us be a pleasing aroma to God through Christ Jesus. God Loves Ya 😉