Read- Romans 8:31-39
If you know me, you know that I love snow. I have been thinking about that a lot lately because I hear many people (snow haters) out there complaining that they can’t wait until spring. I thought, “Am I the really that odd? I am in no hurry for the snow to stop falling.” I just plain enjoy when it snows. So, I dug deeper into my thought process and believe that I figured it out. It isn’t because I am a skier, snowboarder or enjoy any of those winter outdoor sports; it is because of what everything looks like after the snow covers it. Snow covers everything and makes the ugliest item, city, or dump look like a masterpiece. I believe God looks at us like that; no matter how ugly we see ourselves either inside or out, no matter how we think we look to the world, God’s love is so great for us that he only sees us for what we truly are and that is His masterpiece. We are His wonderful creations, His beloved (Ephesians 2:10). We are not covered by snow that melts away and the ugly comes back. By the blood of His son, we are cleansed so that our beauty never disappears.  Children of God…He loves you no matter what you look like inside or out, nor for what you have or haven’t done. You are His masterpiece of love. Next time we see someone that seems ugly or displeasing, let us see them through God’s snow goggled lenses’ and picture them as the fine piece of art they truly are. He loves Ya;)

snow googles