Isaiah 55:8-9, Proverbs 3:5

Recently, I underwent a major surgery which was followed by an infection and other complications. While in the hospital, it seemed that a new issue was constantly arising at every turn. I was getting very discouraged and didn’t know how much more my body could take. But, I made it!! Before the surgery, I had been at peace and relatively not worried by the thought of surgery. I trusted that God was in control and everything would be in His hands, whether good or bad. I feel that God was preparing me for the difficulties that He knew were coming ahead of me. We may not always understand His actions in a current situation, but he knows the future circumstances. Things may not happen in the way we expect or in the time we expect, but He has our best interest at heart. Sometimes it may be hard to see, but we must always trust and put our faith in Him. If you are struggling today because you do not understand why something has happened or something has not gone the way you thought it would, remember God knows His future plans for you and He will take care of you! God is good 😉