Isaiah 40:31, Jeremiah 29:11
Hope is defined as “a feeling that what is wanted is likely to happen; desire accompanied by expectations.” We use the word hope on a regular basis; “I hope it doesn’t rain today.” “I hope my team wins.” But, what happens when what we hope for doesn’t occur? Most of the time we accept what is, move on, and our hopes change. Sometimes when a situation makes us feel hopeless we struggle with what to do next. If we rely on the world to give us hope we will be disappointed every time. Our hope, the only true hope, must be found in Christ. Even when we don’t believe it or can’t feel it, God is holding our hand; walking us to the place where we finally see His plans for our life and feel His hope. Every sunrise gives us hope for a new day; a day of living for Christ and sharing Him with others. God Loves Ya!  😉  Karen Chappell

devo 8-27