Isaiah 11:6

As a preschool teacher, I have the privilege of watching the joy and excitement on the faces of the children as I tell them the Christmas story.  They listen carefully, hanging on every word, absorbing every detail.  As the story ended, they realized that Jesus didn’t receive any presents on the night he was born, and they felt sad for him.  However, when I asked them to think about what gifts Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds might have given Jesus that didn’t cost any money or weren’t wrapped in packages with ribbons and bows they replied, “the love in their hearts!”  It brought tears to my eyes!  The natural love they have for our Lord and the wisdom He gives them to understand His truths amazes me everyday.  They easily understood that the greatest gift we can give God and others is our love!  They are quick to remember that Christmas is not about presents, trees and decorations, but about a very special birthday celebration, that of Jesus!  Last week, we celebrated Christmas with a special program during which the children presented a night of music to their families and of course to the Lord!  The faith of the children inspired me to close with this prayer. “We thank you for bringing us all together tonight as we celebrate the birth of your son, Jesus Christ.  We lift this night of music up to you as a simple gesture of our love for you.  Advent means your coming.  Help us to prepare our hearts and minds and make room for you.  You are God Almighty, King of Kings, and the Prince of Peace.  Help us to make you the focus of Christmas and of our lives.  Fill us with the same amazing love for you that these children have.  Help us to see Christmas through their eyes.  Teach us to know you and love you as they do and be filled with true joy and excitement as we anxiously await the coming of Christ.  I pray you would grant us all the blessings of Christmas:  hope, joy, love, and peace.  And remind us that you’ve already given us the best Christmas gift ever – the Savior of the World, your son, Jesus Christ.  Amen!”- Jenn Dickey

devo 12-24-14