Genesis 12:1-3
I have learned over the years to not get too comfortable in any situation; for when we do, God steps in and makes things happen for His glory, hence the scripture today. In the past few years we have heard the slogan repeated over and over again “Change” and we have also heard the saying, “Change is good”. But what does that mean? Does that mean we change jobs, relationships, where we live, etc.? Perhaps all of those mentioned in addition to a few others. God does not want us stagnant; we are to constantly be moving from one place to another so that we grow in connection with God and spread His word. I am not saying we need to move or change jobs or get rid of old friends, but that we are to constantly seek new ways to be the hands and feet of Christ. Maybe that means doing a mission trip, serving dinner to a family in need or just sitting in a different seat during church service to get to know other brothers and sisters in Christ. In order to transform into what Christ wants us to be, we need to move, shift and keep our eyes open for the next opportunity God puts in our path to bring Him glory. God loves Ya;)