II Kings 23:1-3
When driving down the road, especially after a snow or rainfall, do you ever take notice of car or truck tracks that are apparently from someone that slid and got off course? Sometimes you can actually see if they hit something and had damage. Then, sometime down the line, you look again and you don’t see any evidence of that mishap occurring. However, if you were the person that was in that car or truck when that mishap occurred, you would assuredly remember the exact spot. Over time the signs of a mistake fade away and things go back to the way they were, sometimes even more improved. When we fail and make a mistake, get off course or have a mishap; God will forgive and turn that mistake into a blessing if you are sincere in your heart and repent (change your ways). In our scripture today, we see King Josiah didn’t waste any time – he saw that a major reform was needed. He saw they made mistakes and that they had to get back on track with God, and the time to do it was immediately – RIGHT NOW! Over time, you might not see remnants of what occurred in exact detail, but you will remember that part in your life and you can use it as a guide so that you don’t make the same mistake again. You will use it to be careful and to learn a life lesson. God Loves Ya;)