Where do you keep your treasures? While having a conversation recently with my 12 yr. old twin granddaughters, we were discussing where they keep their most precious and meaningful keepsakes. One keeps her’s in a decorative box she stores under her bed, while the other one has a special drawer for all her memorabilia. They have things from small rocks to costume jewelry their great grammie gave them. All these “things” mean so much to them, but to anyone else it’s just junk. I myself, tend to hang on to my treasures, protect them and keep them packed away so they don’t get broken or lost. Occasionally, I will look through them reminiscing of days gone by. With this said, keep in mind the things we hold onto so tightly here on Earth will never be as great as the treasures God has waiting for us in Heaven. Stay focused on the “Heavenly treasures”. Have a blessed day! 🙂