Acts 2:44 in part says, All the believers were together …”  What does it mean for the believers to be “together”?  In verse 46 of that same chapter, Luke tells us that everyday they continued to meet “together”.  We must admit that there is a difference between getting together with your coworkers for a meeting at work and getting together with your family for a picnic.  The same is true in the Church and among Christians.  When we get together, it is much more than simply socializing.  When there is a common purpose and God’s presence is what draws us together, it is no longer socializing, but it becomes fellowship.  True fellowship is when a group of people has a mutual love for Jesus and are gathering in order to advance God’s kingdom within each other and beyond one another. When believers get together, we all should be stimulated to be more like Jesus.  This is what is so awesome about Sunday morning worship service.  The faith family gathers, and we are all spurred on to live more in line with the promises of God.  I read a story this week that said it is impossible to tune a piano by using another piano.  What needs to happen is that both pianos need to be tuned to a central tuning device, and only then, once they are tuned to the central device, will they be in tune with each other.  Friends, the truth is the closer we are in tune with Jesus, the more closely we will be in tune with other Christians.  Stay Close to Jesus.  – Pastor Bryce