Hebrews 2:11-13

This past Father’s Day was one of the best ones I have ever had since becoming a father. Without being too personal, let’s just say after many years of prayers, they have been answered.  There are a few things I am learning on this journey with Christ: my timing is not God’s timing, you must have patience and trust that the Lord will answer you with a yes, no or not now. Learning to do all three of these things doesn’t come easy, but is necessary.  Sometimes, He answers the prayer right away; but sometimes you just have to trust He is working on your prayer. Either way you have to trust in His decision and how it is for your best interest.  God will not disappoint. He is working for your better good and to bring Glory to Him. Recognize that God hears you, then trust and affirm in your prayers with thanksgiving that He is on top of it and will take care of it. God is always one step ahead of us and with trust, patience and thanksgiving, your prayers will be answered. God Loves Ya 😉