We all go through uncertain and confusing times in our lives. We ask God, “Why is this happening to me?” or, “Why now Lord? I’m a good, church-going Christian. Why am I, of all people, going through such a battle?” He never said following Him would be easy; what He did say however was, while in times of trouble, I will go with you, walk beside you, go ahead of you and never leave you. In good times and in bad, we are to keep our focus on Him, not our problems or challenges we are facing. With these troubling times the world is in right now, it is most important to remember who is in control and has the last word in everything. Our Heavenly Father sees all, knows all and already has victory over any battles we are fighting personally or worldly! Praise Him for that. Yes, we all have struggles and God knows the world we live in is in more chaos than my lifetime has ever seen, but trust in the Lord in everything, pray without ceasing, and keep your eye on the light of God! Have a blessed day!