Psalm 150:1-5 (NIV)

During working hours one night, one of the fellas had his radio turned up slightly louder than usual. Nobody had complained but I found myself a little on edge because he had Christian music playing. Ok, I am a Christian; why am I nervous about him having it turned up? We all listen to different types of music there respectfully. After examining myself further, I realized I wasn’t prepared to address the issue if someone had complained or commented on the type of music he was listening to. This made me very sad to think, am I embarrassed to worship God in public? Will the other associates think differently about me if they know I am Christian and I love this music? All these questions came flooding in and  I knew that instant, I needed to Pray for forgiveness and ask God to help me to never be ashamed, embarrassed, or to shy away from being who I am, a Christian, a child of our Mighty God and a Faithful Believer in Jesus Christ. Today I say, turn up the music, let my light shine for You, Father, yes, I am a child of God! Amen. Have a Blessed day! – Lori Moore