One of my favorite things in life. Unplanned visits, spur of the moment lunch dates, or my cousin calling me and saying, “get ready, I’m picking you up for a day trip”. Lol, yes, she has done this. I love the excitement of the unknown and unexpected adventures we have gone on. But then, when life isn’t so fun and tragedy hits unexpectedly, it can rip our whole life apart. That unknown and unplanned stuff knocks us for a loop to say the least. So how do we cope and get through those times? None other than God! He is the way to complete peace; He is our comforter and our almighty counselor. He takes our hand and walks by our side through all of the unexpected losses, pain and turmoil we may be faced with. In turn, we learn to rely on Him and are made stronger in our faith and in our walk with Him. Don’t be afraid when the unexpected stuff comes your way. You are loved and protected by an awesome God! Amen. Have a blessed day!