John 13:35, 17:23

In today’s scripture, God is saying that one of the ways we can show we belong to Him is by loving one another. This can be done in various acts and may even be easy to show towards others that we like or who are seemingly like us. However, we are called to love one another even in uncomfortable circumstances. You might not particularly like your neighbor or a certain coworker. So the challenge is to love and treat those we may not “like” just how we would treat one of our friends. This makes me think of a scene in the movie “Christmas with the Kranks”. The main character of the movie, Luther Krank, has one certain neighbor in particular that he does not get along with. But by the end of the movie, the main character ends up giving tickets for a cruise to the neighbor and his wife as the wife had been struggling with medical issues. What a nice gesture!! Even when we ourselves may seem unlovable, He shows no prejudice. Go and show others the love that Jesus Christ so graciously gives to us. God is good 😉