I have been reflecting on prayer lately and what it means to me. I prayed before I went to work today to have a successful day filled with customers. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and know God can do great things. I went to work, opened the doors, and did my part to make things inviting for the customers. Not because I don’t trust God, but because I also believe we need to take action. If I didn’t turn on the lights or put out the open sign, it would be difficult to draw people in the door. I recently encountered an issue with one of my suppliers at work. The service I was paying them to provide me wasn’t being provided and the answers as to when it would be restored were vague and unhelpful at best. When they were pressed to give an answer as to how they were fixing the issue I was told we just needed to pray about it and eventually it would work out. I wasn’t happy with their answer as I needed a solution quickly. I wondered if I was being to demanding in needing a different answer if I truly believe in the power of prayer. Then, I remembered the steps I took in opening the store after praying God would give it a successful day. It wasn’t me doubting God but I had to do my part as well. Prayer IS powerful, and God can make the day successful, but we must unlock the door. – Virginia Weigle