John 4:47-53

In today’s scripture, the official came to Jesus for help, so Jesus did what he asked. Scripture said he went away believing. However, the interesting thing about this verse is the point where the official was met by servants and told him his son was recovering. If he believed what Jesus had done, why did he have to ask what time his son started to get better? He needed more confirmation and assurance of his faith in Jesus. When we have faith, it is what it is; we should not have to have confirmation or reassurance. We are supposed to have unwavering faith that what God promises, He will deliver, and I promise you He does. It might not be like we hoped for, but He will do it His way and that is all that matters. Faith is the result of believing. Faith causes us to act on what we haven’t experienced yet and to trust God when our situations haven’t changed yet. They will; just trust in your faith and don’t look for reassurance because that shows unbelief. I know this is hard to do, but just believe in your faith and amazing things will happen. God Loves Ya 😉

mountain river near the forest at sunset