God’s gonna do WHAT He’s gonna do WHEN He’s gonna do it.” – Pastor Bryce Grieco. I referenced this quote a little while ago and it doesn’t seem to leave my mind. I understand and accept the last part of the quote; however, the first part I struggle with. “Gods gonna do what He is going to do”. I think we all struggle with that phrase because as fallen humans, we want what we want and want it now. Who are we kidding? Since when do we ever know what is good for us? Letting go and letting God control is as almost as hard as giving our money to church. We think in our minds we know what is best and we can do it faster and easier than having to wait and let God decide. The TRUTH is we will continue to fail, continue to not be satisfied, continue searching for happiness, and around and around we go. Let us stop the vicious cycle of defeat! God has us and will direct us to what is best. We have the not so easy part of praying, obeying and being patient. I would put money on it, if we wait on the lord it is a lot faster than the vicious cycle of defeat. Trust Him folks; He has our best interest at heart, always! God Loves Ya 😉