Proverbs 14:29 (NIV)

I stopped by the grocery store the other day, I just needed a few things and I was in a hurry. I came across this older gentleman in one of those electric motored, sit down, grocery carts.  I only had to get 4 things and every time I found my product the gentlemen was parked right in front of the item and I had to wait for him to move so I could get to the shelf. Patience is not a virtue of mine (Lord knows I am trying) I got frustrated and perturbed.  I go to get my last item and low and behold there he was right in my way. So I turned and after murmuring to myself I waited a few seconds to go by and he says to me “young man can you reach up and get me those two items” So I did and he thanked me and we had a short conversation where I come to find out he was a Korean war veteran. Boy did I feel like crap for getting upset. I did realize that day that God wanted to use me to help the man, as trivial as it might seem but I am learning God uses us in His timing not ours and if we are patient He will use us. What and awesome feeling, what a good thing to wait for. God Loves Ya 😉