Galatians 6:7-10

I’m sure we have all said or heard, “Wow that was perfect timing.” I have found myself saying this often lately, with the last time being last week. I had a lunch date with a friend at a restaurant I had only been in once before. I was running late and I couldn’t find a parking place. When I finally met up with my friend,  we walked in the door and there was a mutual friend of ours waiting for a table to be free.  My friend and I ended up sitting together with our mutual friend.  After chatting awhile she shared what a rough season she was going through. I knew then that this was all God’s timing, because with His help I was able to encourage, support, and hopefully shed some light on her otherwise dark situation. God has Perfect timing. Oh, it may not be as fast as we would like it or convenient at times  and He will delay us, but He will protect us and allow us to do His work.  We just need to listen and trust in Him. So, the next time you experience “Perfect timing”,  know it is GOD!! Have a blessed day!- Lori Moore

devo 8-20