Luke 18:18-25
Sloth is a form of sluggishness or laziness. Sloth is an OFFENSE against time, a sin against our potentiality, a sin against who God made us to be. Sloth is that sin that enables us to walk by the poor person, the sin that causes us to avoid going on the mission trip, the sin that lets us avoid Bible studies. Sloth eats away at the SOUL, extinguishes the faithful fire, and takes its toll, wearing down the soul by slow degrees until we end up doing NOTHING. The antidote for sloth is JOY. Joy, real non-chemically and non-entertainment-induced joy, which seems a rarity in our time, drives the death of sloth away. This day may God awaken our souls to the JOY of Christ; that in Christ we may break free from the bondage of sloth and live, really LIVE! Thus, the rallying cry against the sin of sloth may very well be: “In Christ WAKE UP!” WAKE UP! God is calling YOU! WAKE UP! God loves you, let the joy of that sink in. WAKE UP! God wants YOU to be His hands and feet! WAKE UP! Church – the world NEEDS you! God Loves You;)

A man sleeping