2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Some of us know about physical pain or know of others that deal with it. It is exhausting, depressing and it tears away the joy of this life. Some of us can’t do the things our heart wants us to do or the things we used to do due to physical reasons. So we get depressed, sad and we lose that zest for life. We are reminded in today’s scripture that these bodies we live in on this earth are only temporary and we will have new bodies when we get home. “For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies” (2 Corinthians 5:3). We have the hope and joy of knowing that one day we will all have new bodies that are without pain or restrictions. We have the promise that when we leave this earth, we will be home with the Lord in glory. We should not dwell on the things we cannot control, but on serving the Lord to the best of our physical ability to please our God, “For we live by believing and not by seeing” (Vv.7). Like the saying goes, “seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” and we can all believe that one day we will see our Lord with our new resurrected bodies and finally be where we are meant to be – home. God Loves Ya;)