Welcome to the new Simply God 101 website! We are so excited to launch this site and I am extremely proud of our staff and all the hard work they put into it. The Holy Spirit spoke to me back in the beginning of January and directed me to assemble a website and have it ready by spring. Then he put some beautiful people in my path to assist me to accomplish His goal. (Isn’t that how it always works?)

While you surf around the website you will see a variety of different things and different ways that you too can become a part of this ministry. We have the blog page that has new devotions posted every two days, a prayer page where you can send a pray request and have us or all people that visit this site pray for you. We have an exciting reach out network program you can sign up for. There is a “going further” page where there will be different games and quizzes on it to try. There will also be articles and resources and all kinds of fun stuff and much more to come down the road.

Have fun, enjoy and hangout! Please let us know what you think and spread the word. We pray that God will use you and us to spread His word. We pray that we can encourage and inspire anyone and everyone on their journey with God, no matter where they are.  Our God is a God of possibilities and nothing is impossible with Him. We pray that Simply God 101 can make the good news of Christ as simple as it was originally meant to be and to spread the news to the four corners of the world.

God bless you on your journey and I am truly humbled to have you visit us here.

In Christ my Lord,

Terry Garner