Colossians 3:12-17
“I am no longer defined, by all the wreckage behind, the one who makes all things new, has proven its true.” This is a verse from a song by Matthew West called “Hello, My Name Is”.  As followers of Christ, we are made new and the old is gone. God doesn’t hold our past sins or mistakes against us, for they are washed away by the blood of Christ. They are remembered no more! We need to hold the same view towards others that have sinned and made mistakes. Who are we to hold an unwillingness to forgive someone, when forgiveness was given to us? We might think that how we have sinned or done wrong wasn’t or isn’t as bad as what the other person did. But to a God that cannot tolerate any sin at all, no sin is ranked bigger or worse than any other. Praise God for His mercy and His son Jesus Christ that paid the penalty for ALL sins of the people that believe in His name. Our wreckage is behind us and we have been made new. Take it and show what God as done for you. God loves Ya;)

sins washed away