Judges 6: 13

Where are you God? Have you ever asked this question? I have felt this many times in my life – that God has left me here to fend for myself, abandoned me to let me figure this mess out on my own. When we read in Judges 6:13, as well as throughout the bible, God in fact does let us go through valleys, wildernesses and storms to grow in our faith; “walk by faith not by sight”. He wants us to rely on Him and when He is all we have left, we will hit our knees. Oh, it’s true, he never totally leaves us and is always by our side; but when the chaos hits and you don’t feel His presence or that warm fuzzy feeling, He is conditioning you to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Be sure, if you are going through it, God will bring you out of it stronger than ever before! Amen? Have a blessed day! 🙂