Matthew 7:13-20
Have you ever played the trust game?  It is where a group of people get together and pair up to do different exercises that enhance their trust of others.  In today’s scripture, we are told that we have to trust in our Lord and walk a narrow path of righteousness by forsaking broad, worldly ways.  As believers, we have chosen a narrow path.  However, we’re not wandering blindly on it.  The Holy Spirit is our guide.  He directs our steps towards new opportunities and offers discernment so we can make wise decisions that keep us on course for God’s will.  When we walk a wide path we may walk carelessly: looking around, mind drifting, losing focus, and even walking backwards if we want, but the path eventually leads unto destruction.  When we walk the narrow path, we have to stay focused, walk with purpose, and carefully place each foot with an intent that leads us to eternal life with our Creator.  Always trust in our Lord.  He will lead us down the right path. God loves Ya;)

narrow road