John 7:24

This past weekend, my daughter, her girls and I had the chance to hang out and do some thrift store shopping and of course we had to fit in lunch before we headed home. We both wanted to go someplace different that we had not gone to before. We found a cute pizza shop in the downtown area near where we were shopping. We walked in hungry and excited to see what they offered on their menu. Everything sounded good, so we were ready to order. It seemed like forever until the waitress came over and when she did, she was very disheveled looking and not very focused; we felt like we were bothering her. We were about to leave and have lunch elsewhere when another waitress came over and apologized for the waitresses’ behavior. She explained that she had already completed a double shift, her car had broken down and she had to take the bus home. Feeling terrible that we had judged her by the way she appeared and her mood, we left her a very generous tip and told her we would pray for her. Who are we to judge each other? We have no idea what others are going through. Be kind always. God sees everything. Have a blessed day!